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Recent history has not been kind to the Federation or Starfleet. The prosperous circumstances of the 2360s disappeared during the decades that followed. The Federation's resources were sunk into preparations for war with the Borg, the coming of the Dominion War, the rebuilding of Cardassia, and recently, relief efforts in Romulan space. All the while discontent was building within the Federation. The Cardassian Union collapsed after the Dominion War, the Dominion was destroyed, the Romulan Empire fragmented after the destruction of its central world, and the Klingon Empire has become increasingly hostile.

It is in these uncertain circumstances that our story takes place. The crew of the USS Falchion will choose how to face challenges posed by our search for the unknown, threats from outside the Federation, and unrest within the Federation's borders. Each problem is different, and the solutions are yours to find. Join us today and become a part of a team working to preserve the Federation in difficult times.

We are a proud member of Theta Fleet's Area 51.

Latest News Items

» Theta Fleet Area 51 — Player of the Quarter

Posted on 01 Aug 2017 @ 1:27am by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan in General News

Friends and enemies of the U.S.S. Falchion!

One of our players has been recognized as Theta Fleet's Area 51 Player of the Quarter!
He is none other than our very own...

Lieutenant Gilik Farys a.k.a. Adam

Congratulations, number one!

Everyone, please join me in a boisterous round of applause for an ass-kicking performance!


» New Security Officer

Posted on 23 Jul 2017 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan in Sim Announcement

Ladies & gentlemen,

Please join me in welcoming our newest recruit, Ensign Mark Cross, who will help beef up our security department!


» Milestone Achievement & Awards

Posted on 03 Jul 2017 @ 9:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan in Sim Announcement

Ladies & gents,

Please join me in congratulating LtJG Prylar Toran on completing his first 6-months on board the Falchion!

Well done 'Stick'! :^)

Also, on the topic of Awards: With Lt Farys' email still fresh in your minds, I wanted to emphasize that *anyone* can nominate *anyone* for an award, and there's no right or wrong time to do it. If you feel a particular player/character has done something to warrant recognition for a job well done, please feel free to put his or her name forward. You should be able to find a link on the drop-down menu and there's descriptions attached to each award/medal.

I'm going to earmark 10 July as the official start of our new mission "Symbioses", so you have another week for R&R.


Edited 05/07/17

» New Medical Chief

Posted on 26 Jun 2017 @ 9:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan in Sim Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please welcome Lieutenant JG Kavyn Rajol M.D., our new Chief Medical Officer, who completes the missing piece of our jigzaw!
We now have a full complement of department heads, and just in time for our next mission, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Keep rocking people.

Vince/Kelvan \V/,

» New Chief of Security/Tactical

Posted on 21 Jun 2017 @ 9:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan in Sim Announcement

Friends and enemies of the Falchion!

Wow. When it rains, it pours.
And just when we thought we had to slug it out as the 'Fabulous Falchion Five', we get bombarded with new applications.

So, without further delay, may I please introduce our new Andorian Chief of Security/Tactical, LtJG Antira (Damien).

Damien is an old acquaintance of mine from decades ago, when I was just finding my way around the Star Trek roleplaying universe. I won't tell you how great a player he is, because that much will be obvious in due time (no pressure there Damo *grins slyly*).
Let's all give him a hearty welcome to the fold.

As always, live long and prosper!


Latest Mission Posts

» Meeting Security

Mission: Symbioses
Posted on 16 Aug 2017 @ 4:48am by Lieutenant JG Antira & Lieutenant JG Peri Valeri


Even though they'd been on the bridge together once, Peri wanted to meet the Chief of Security as the two would have many opportunities to work together. So when she had a few minutes, she headed to the security department.

With the finalisation of the Security rosters for the…

» Balance

Mission: Symbioses
Posted on 12 Aug 2017 @ 7:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan & Lieutenant JG Antira & Ensign Mark Cross

[Lake Manapouri, South Island, New Zealand],167.4077715,12z?hl=en

Kelvan was the first to arrive at the Manapouri Power Station beach, casually walking out from the water and heading straight to the Starfleet-issue containers situated just below a large tree. The morning breeze had picked up, tempering the mid-morning sun, dropping…

» Getting Ops Operational

Mission: Symbioses
Posted on 09 Aug 2017 @ 8:22pm by Lieutenant JG Peri Valeri


Once Peri had the bridge station working properly, she turned her attention to Operations itself. Her first priority was to meet some of the crew she would be working with. Her second was to get familiar with how this particular Ops department was set up.

It wasn't that there…

» Saddle up...

Mission: Symbioses
Posted on 30 Jul 2017 @ 11:33am by Ensign Mark Cross


Mark strained every sinew as he pushed out the last incline chest press rep. It would be the end of his upper body set, and therefore also meant the end of his workout. Since the gym was deserted, most of the crew clearly taking the opportunity to stretch their…

» Growing Pains

Mission: Symbioses
Posted on 26 Jul 2017 @ 4:21pm by Lieutenant JG Prylar Toran & Lieutenant JG Theodore Gray PhD

The chief engineer found himself this afternoon in the cramped quarters of the Falchion's primary lab, removing a wall panel and burying himself in the components inside. An EPS flow regulator had failed in this section, and while it was a relatively simple repair, he had no one on his…

Latest Personal Logs

» Insubordination (Deleted)

Posted on 01 Dec 2016 @ 6:28am by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan

Lieutenant J.G. Kelvan's personal log.

It would be entirely logical to assume that my personal journal entries would be the first source to ascertain the extent of my guilt
As such, it is noted that I confess, in whole, without reservations, that I, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kelvan, was the sole…

» Compromised

Posted on 27 Sep 2016 @ 6:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelvan

Lieutenant J.G. Kelvan's personal log.

I have spent the entire 12 hours off-duty in meditation.

The emergence of Ms Coros, and this upheaval in my consciousness cannot be a coincidence.

Commander Sunamet had briefly mentioned in passing that Ms Coros might be 'playing on our pheromones'. Could it be that…

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